Pressure caps

To attach fittings and nozzles to the hoses, deep-drawn ferrules made of aluminium are usual.

Additionally marine seawater resistant types made of stainless steel are available and for hoses with larger inner diameter, zinc plated and yellow chromated steel ferrules are possible.

All hose lines produced by us are automatically marked with batch numbers on the ferrules to ensure full traceability.

A B L material item number
22 14 13,3 Aluminium D-ALHÜ-19B
22,3 15,2 19 Aluminium D-ALHÜ-20L
24,5 15,5 13 Aluminium, black anodised D-ALHÜ-21B-95
24,5 15,5 19 Aluminium D-ALHÜ-21-L
30 18,5 35 Steel D-HÜLS-26-SL